Receive / Return

Receive it at the hotel receptionist on your first day.

The Wi-Fi router can be mailed to any hotel or office in Japan.

Use scene while traveling

Return it to the hotel receptionist on your last day or mailing to the post of Airport.

Map of postbox at each airport

New Chitose Airport | Narita International Airport | Tokyo International Airport | Kansai International Airport | Fukuoka Airport

-Ryokan/hotels can be pick-up or drop off points; capsule hotels or house or room rentals cannot.
-Due to postal regulations for shipping lithium ion batteries, all shipments previously sent by air will be sent by ground transport.
Therefore, shipment to the below affected areas will take 3 days. In order to receive routers in these areas, please place orders more than three days prior to rental start date.
Affected areas: Hokkaido, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Kyushu, Okinawa.
-For areas supported by next day delivery, please note that if order is placed one day prior to the rental start date, delivery time will be in the afternoon/night the next day.